FLORIDA – Neighbors claim cars being towed from driveways in Greenacres

Neighbors claim cars being towed from driveways in Greenacres

Article Courtesy of WPTV Channel 5
By Alanna Quillen
Alanna QuillenPublished November 24, 2018
GREENACRES — Neighbors in one Greenacres neighborhood claim they are having a very hard time to simply park their car around their own homes.

They say the problem lies with HOA parking rules that they believe are just too strict. Now, those neighbors have had enough.

Over the weekend, a petition was started at Joggers Run Townhomes off Jog Road.

Homeowner Sara Watts said the rules are so impractical that people’s cars started getting towed from their own driveways.

“This started about three or four months ago,” she said. “We’re not happy with it.”

Watts started the petition for change when it comes parking.

“It’s putting us under us under stress,” she said. “They don’t ticket or violate during the day. It’s only at night.”  “It’s ridiculous that you’re afraid to even park in your own community when you don’t have parking,” said Watts. “I have a neighbor that’s having visitors coming in for the Thanksgiving holiday and he’s really nervous about where his family is going to park.”

People are allowed two spots per home — garage and driveway. They aren’t allowed to park in the street. If you have a visitor, you have to get a parking permit from the HOA. If it’s after office hours, you have to request one from one of the HOA board member’s homes.

“You can’t just knock on someone’s door at 12 midnight and ask them for a sticker,” said one neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous.

But if it’s nighttime, you have to write your home number on scrap paper and put it in the dash. Neighbors said they tried moving their cars into the garage and allowed their visitor to park in the driveway. But because they did not put the scrap of paper in the dash, some neighbors have reported cars being towed straight from their driveway.

“It’s your driveway, it’s supposed to be yours,” said one anonymous neighbor. “You have to pay $150 to get it back, it’s really become ridiculous around here.”  Read more:


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