FLORIDA – Disabled Veteran Wants A Porch

CCFJ.NET: Disabled Veteran Wants A Porch

Article Courtesy of Channel 7 News — Miami

By Patrick Fraser

Published November 10, 2018

He is a wheelchair-bound veteran, suffering from multiple sclerosis. One joy in his life would be to sit on a porch to watch the birds in a pond behind his house, but his association is blocking him from building the porch. That’s why he called Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

When Ruben was young, he wanted to serve his country. He spent 10 years in the Navy. Ruben Sepulveda

loved the Navy, and then one day he was at a department store where he spotted a young lady and really fell in love.

“So I kinda angled over to her and said, ‘You like this shirt?’ and that’s what began our relationship.”

Ruben and Lois would get married and begin their life together. Then the difficult times came.  Read more:


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