“Mankind is so fallen that no man can be trusted with unchecked power over his fellows.” – C.S. Lewis

Our US constitution provides checks and balances through legislative powers vested in a Congress, executive powers vested in a President, and judicial powers vested in one supreme court and in inferior courts as Congress may ordain and establish.

Yet, the Texas Legislature abandoned our democratic protection of checks and balances with Property Code 204 which grants all power to HOA, COA, and POA Boards.  The result has been catastrophic:  Tens of thousands of foreclosure filings against Texas homeowners — , the end of homeowners’ control of their homes, the reality being an undemocratic oligarchy in which an apathetic body of residents is governed by a few.

Being apathetic is no longer an option if we want to reclaim our freedom and if we want to keep our homes.  Together we can recover our homeowner rights.

The 2021 Texas Legislative session will be upon us soon.  It is time for property owners to unite so that our voices are heard by our legislature.  We want you.

We are organizing people who want to secure the rights of all HOMEOWNERS in property associations and to reduce the power of these associations in Texas.  We are currently developing our 2021 Platform for the Texas Legislative session.  We want your input to ensure that we prioritize our goals according to homeowner needs.

Please visit Tell Us About Your HOA so that you can join the other homeowner advocates in the State to make a difference for everyone.  Our voices need to be heard.  If we don’t speak up for our homeowner rights, who will?