FLORIDA – Wild fight at Sunrise condo board caught on video

ccfj.net:  Wild fight at Sunrise condo board caught on video
Former condo president pleads no contest to battery
By Bob Norman
September 14, 2014
SUNRISE — Stephen Smith has alleged the board at Waterbridge Condominiums in Sunrise squandered reserve funds, but that’s not all.

When a fire gutted the unit directly above his, causing water damage to his own condo, Smith sued for damages after it took years for the board to get the repairs. He’s been on a years-long hunt to get into the condo’s books, which he said have been illegally denied to him.

“The more I dug the worse the harassment got, and  it  became violent,” he said. 

Smith shared a video of a board meeting with Local 10 News during which he was attacked by the board president at the time, Jacqueline Chance.  Smith said she became enraged when the subject of Smith’s lawsuits was raised and after Smith mentioned a bathroom renovation that was done at her condo.  Read more:

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