FLORIDA – Flag fight continues with $1M countersuit

ccfj.net:  Flag fight continues with $1M countersuit
By Erica Bennett
October 2, 2014

JACKSONVILLE — The last few years have been a revolving cycle for 72 year-old Larry Murphree.

“Same flag, same flowerpot, same everything,’ he explained.

  We last sat down with Murphree in the summer – when he found out his homeowner’s association was threatening foreclosure. He’s offered to pay fees but claims the HOA wouldn’t work with him. Now, he’s fighting back with a 64-page, $1 million countersuit.

“We’ve tried and we’ve tried. They won’t take the money. All they want is to get me out of here. The only thing to stop this thing is to file a lawsuit, which we did,” Murphree continued.  Read more:


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