NEVADA – Dilapidated driveways put Forest Hills in HOA Hall of Shame

KTNV News: Dilapidated driveways put Forest Hills in HOA Hall of Shame
By Darcy Spears
July 15, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) — A homeowner left high and dry with no water wonders why she’s footing a big bill she said her homeowners association should pay. “Hall of Shame?” said homeowner Tony Stone. “This is despicable. You should have the all stars of the Hall of Shame for this HOA. Just absolutely despicable behavior.” “It’s just really, really frustrating,” added homeowner Jennie Thomas. Ignoring problems and shirking responsibility. That’s how neighbors in Forest Hills describe their HOA. The problem in this east valley neighborhood near Flamingo and Sandhill starts at ground level, and goes deeper.

“It’s just awful. You can see the roadway sinking. There’s huge potholes,” said Jennie. She had an, “Oh no, here we go again,” moment last month. “I went to take a shower and I had no water and I said, ‘Oh no.’ So I sent my my boyfriend down there. I said there’s probably a flood down at the end of the street. And sure enough, he came down here and there was a flood.”
The same thing happened in January when she went without water for two weeks. It was four days more in June.
“The HOA refuses to take responsibility for this roadway. This roadway has caused my pipe to burst on two occasions.” Read more:

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