FLORIDA – Drama unfolds at condo over unlicensed work

YourObserver.com: Drama unfolds at condo over unlicensed work
By Alex Mahadevan
July 16, 2014

“The board is very hostile against the owners here, and, of course, the owners are really hostile against the board,” said Arbomar resident and former Building Manager Kent Lagro, who alleges the board fired him in June for challenging the unlicensed renovations to at least three of the 31 units that make up the condominium.

DiNicola claimed in the May 28 lawsuit, filed with the 12th Judicial Circuit Court in Manatee County, that Arbobar Condominium Association President Walter Major performed unlicensed contracting work to his own unit and another board member’s unit. Arbomar board members Bill Baxter, Ed Kaczynski and Judith Spiezio were named in the suit, in which DiNicola claimed damages greater than $15,000.

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