NORTH CAROLINA – Residents petition town to reverse HOA decision

The Weekly Herald:  Residents petition town to reverse HOA decision
March 13, 2014
By Carrie C. Causey

Conflict pertains to neighborhood parking

CORNELIUS — A decision by an area homeowners association is being called an “abuse of power” after the board of the Harborside community enacted a No Parking rule on the main neighborhood road. Bob and Barbara Houck recently approached Cornelius commissioners with results of a petition, which they believe proves the rule to not park on Harborside Drive, enforced by the town,  should be reversed. Of the 90 out of inhabited 158 homes they went to, they received 83 Yes votes and seven for No. “It was a cold and rainy day,” Bob said. “When we got more than 50 percent of the neighborhood to say yes, we went home.”

While the HOA stands by its decision as having met a safety concern, Board President Michelle Crawford said board members are reviewing the matter with Cornelius staff and police and will give residents a chance to vote on the outcome. But they aren’t taking the petition, which was also presented to them, at face value. “We received e-mails from people who said they felt pressured to sign the petition,” Crawford said. The HOA board plans to send out a mailing ballot later this month with various options, including adding parking on one side or keeping it at no parking.  Read more:

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