TEXAS – Hideaway Lake Community Investigation – General Manager Fired

Hideaway Lake Community  Investigation

General Manager Fired

August 26, 2013
By Anthony Austin

Update:  We’ve learned the General Manager of the Hideaway Lake Club has been fired . Dennis Godoy was at the meeting last Thursday that stirred up a lot of emotion about an ongoing investigation in the community.  The investigation centers around a vendor who complained the Hideaway maintenance supervisor was requiring a 50% kickback to cut trees in Hideaway Lake. When the board started investigating, the affidavit says the general manager stopped all access to the invoices and records. We spoke to Mr. Godoy Monday evening. He said he had no comment at this time.

HIDEAWAY LAKE (KYTX) –  The Hideaway Lake Homeowners’ Association meeting got off to an interesting start Thursday night. It appeared to be a homeowners’ board divided among a confused community. “This community needs to come together, not be separated,” said one board member. The main issue at hand is an investigation that was opened into the Hideaway Lake community at the end of July by the Smith County Sheriff’s office. Read more:

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