TEXAS – HOA used satellites to spot violations

kxan.com: HOA used satellites to spot violations
By Omar Lewis
August 23, 2013

PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (KXAN) – A homeowner is up in arms after he says his neighborhood association crossed the line. The HOA even admits that a previous board used Google satellite technology to scope out violations. It happened in the Highland Park North Neighborhood in Pflugerville. When Gavin Henry purchased his home in Pflugerville there were several factors that weighed into his big decision.  “One of the reasons why I purchased my home was because I didn’t have to buy a shed after buying the house,” he said. “It was already there.”

Gavin says he also liked the idea of living in a neighborhood with an HOA to help maintain the upkeep of the community.  But three years after buying the property, the Henry’s received a letter from their homeowner’s association. “It said that they were doing an audit and they noticed I had a metal shed in my back yard and it wasn’t approved by my homeowners association,” Henry said. Gavin, who is a disabled veteran, told the HOA the shed was there before he bought the property and none of his neighbors had ever complained about it.  Read more:

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