TEXAS – Homeowners Claim HOA Board Mishandling Funds, Intimidating Residents

The Police News: Homeowners Claim HOA Board Mishandling Funds, Intimidating Residents
Friendswood, Texas
August 22, 2013
By Breck Porter
Friendswood — The owners of 20 homes in the Frenchman’s Creek Townhome Community in Friendswood suffered extensive damages from Hurricane Ike in 2008. Those homeowners belong to a homeowner’s association, Frenchman’s Creek HOA.  According to Kathy Tam, homeowner and resident, a year after Ike, the then serving Board of Directors was removed because the management company, Bay Property Management, President, Bill Hall had contracted with a roofing company, A1 Roofing without the Boards approval.  At the time, Board Vice President, Kathy Tam refused to acknowledge the contract because she, nor the Board had reviewed any bids nor did the management company have rights to sign or approve any bids without Board approval and proper process of Bid submission.  Is is alleged by some that Bill Hall, the President of Bay Property Management decided to roundup some residents that would side with him and removed the Board.  Their platform for removal was theft, claiming that the Board had stolen funds from the community.  That proved later to be untrue.  Read more:

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