FLORIDA – Help Me Howard: Therapy Dog vs condo

wsvn.com: Help Me Howard: Therapy Dog vs Condo
August 7, 2013
By Patrick Fraser

Some people with a disability medication or constant doctors visits and some people find relief with a therapy dog. That’s what was helping one South Florida woman till her condo association said the dog had to go. And that’s when Help me Howard with Patrick Fraser stepped in.

WSVN — To many people, their dog is a life changer. To some people, their dog is a life saver.Claribel Ruiz: “I need that companionship of my dog.” Claribel’s dog is named Sky. Claribel Ruiz: “Because she is like the sky. She means everything to me.” Claribel suffers from anxiety and depression. Sky is a registered therapy dog, helping Claribel like medication or a psychiatrist might help another person. Claribel Ruiz: “The dog helps me when anxiety kicks in. When I want to run out of the house, when I feel like I can’t stay in one place, she calms me down. She stays by my side.”  Read more:


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