A Personal Opinion  of Beanie Adolph

TCAA’s new mantra appears to be “STRONG NEIGHBORHOODS”. What does the CAI Industry mean by “strong neighborhoods”? If one judges by past performance it means enforcing the CC&Rs as desired by the HOA board, such as selective enforcement, harassment, fines, fees, liens, and foreclosure filings. It means a private security force against which there is no appeal. For homeowners this “strong neighborhood” mentality has resulted in devastation which has not benefited neighborhoods in any way. Foreclosures lower property values. Threats and harassment result in financial and emotional problems as evidenced in these studies by Dr. Gary Solomon: HOA Syndrome and Elder Abuse.

TCAA, or its predecessor TLAC, frequently presented “its” homeowners at Legislative Sessions to maintain its claim of representing homeowners. The TCAA idea of homeowner was and is usually the HOA president or HOA board member, e.g. those who controlled – not the victims of HOA control. Their testimony inevitably spoke of Utopia. For the controllers, it is. Those enjoying the benefits cannot comprehend what the controlled are experiencing nor their unhappiness.

It seems unbelievable that American citizens would believe their neighbors are thrilled to be denied their Constitutional rights – to be fined, denied access to records and meetings, to be excluded from “executive sessions”;  to be denied control of one’s home to make improvements; to be threatened; to have “wordspeak”, e.g. guidelines substituted for legal change of By-Laws; to be required to resort to costly lawsuits to seek justice; to see state laws written so purposely convoluted to intimidate the ordinary owner; to witness nepotism, fraud, and embezzlement and lack the power or funds to fight; to see developer control constantly extended as the developer re-writes the By-laws to his advantage; to see fees added ad nauseam that even some realtors have complained; to portray “uniformity in appearance” as desirable rather than recognizing it as “cookie cutter” but using it as fine generating; to have condos excluded because of the differences instead of included where there are similarities; and the cloak of secrecy used supposedly to protect the privacy of owners, but obviously to protect the boards.

A new tactic of the Industry is to enlist large cities to form such groups as the National Neighborhood Association, Texas Neighborhoods Together, and Super Neighborhoods. This appears to be an attempt to push HOAs on non-HOA subdivisions and allowing their representatives to claim they represent all homeowners. Most interesting is the selection of representatives – HOA managers.

Strong neighborhoods are those where neighbors care for one another – where the Golden Rule prevails. Strong neighborhoods are those where neighbors are free to live and enjoy their rights as they respect the rights of their neighbors. There are neighborhoods like that – but not in HOAs.

Homeowners, contact your legislators.  Tell them that the National Neighborhood Association, Texas Neighborhoods Together, and Super Neighborhoods do not speak for you.  Tell them that TCAA and the CAI do not speak for you.  Tell them that you have not surrendered your Constitutional rights.  Tell them to establish an independent agency where homeowners can file complaints and receive justice.

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