Only the “Power of the People” Can Win Back Homeowner Freedom!

A Personal Opinion of Beanie Adolph   –  
A relentless assault of laws filed under the radar and absent all publicity has devastated Texas homeowners for over 30 years. The CAI (Community Associations Institute) using its Texas lobbying arm “Texas Community Association Advocates” has been the major force in crafting HOA legislation. The results are laws that favor the industry and an endless supply of HOA lawyers to fine and file foreclosures.

This industry control must be stopped now – in this 86th Session.  Only the “Power of the People” can win back homeowner freedom. Each Texas homeowner must be willing to learn what is going on in Austin and act to defend homeowner rights. This means contacting his/her state senator and representative and demanding that the legislators truly be representative of homeowner rights. This will require repeated contact on HOA bills that will help or hurt homeowners. It also means alerting neighbors so that they become active too.

As the Coalition learns of filed HOA bills in this 2019 legislative session, we will advise you.  Homeowners are so in need of justice to correct these years of attack. Among some of the corrections needed, justice would demand a cap on attorney fees, an end to fines, fees, and foreclosure, open records – best posted online, open meetings, and penalties attached to laws as HOA laws penalize homeowners.

Go to the Coalition homepage to read this Open Letter to Texas Legislators and Texas Homeowners on HOA’s relentless assault of laws filed against the Texas homeowner.