MICHIGAN – Woman says her homeowener’s association is making her take down BLM flag, they say it’s against bylaws

WNEM.COM:  Woman says her homeowner’s association is making her take down BLM flag, they say it’s against bylaws

July, 30, 2020

Jonathan JacksonMarkie Heideman

“I’ve lived here for three and a half years, said homeowner Kaila Genovesi. “It’s not my first garden flag. It’s not my only garden flag. Now, all of a sudden, it’s an issue.”Genovesi says she’s being singled out by her homeowner’s association for the Black Lives Matter flag in her front yard.

She says she put it up there to show her support for the movement, but this week she received an email from the homeowner’s association asking her to take it down as it violated their bylaws.

Under the bylaws, signs or flags displayed outside the home are not allowed unless authorized by the association.“It was very discouraging, extremely disheartening that with everything going on in our community right now, that’s the focus of my homeowner’s association,” said Genovesi.  Read more:


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