TEXAS – Houston’s most outrageous HOA rules, according to KPRC readers

click2houston.com:  Houston’s most outrageous HOA rules, according to KPRC 2 readers

We asked KPRC 2 readers to share their most outrageous dust-ups with local homeowners associations and what we got back were hundreds of grievances.

Some of the tales are humorous up until the moment when you think on what it would be like to face a fine, receive a citation or get a warning for hanging an American flag on your porch, laying down brown mulch in your flower bed, leaving Christmas lights up until New Year’s Eve, drawing on your driveway with chalk, mowing your lawn sans a shirt or placing a pinwheel in your yard.Here are 60 of the grievances against homeowner associations we received from KPRC 2 readers:

“Our HOA sent my neighbor a warning regarding too many birds on her roof. Birds. Wild freakin birds. Seems they were a nuisance and an eyesore. She was ordered to rid them or be fined. People are crazy.” – Aimee Casas

 “We had a bad storm a couple of years ago and lightening struck a tree next door. That tree fell and landed across our driveway luckily barely missing our vehicles. So the next day our neighbors and us spent the day cutting up the tree and moving it from our driveways. We got a letter from HOA that we were being fined because we did not ask them permission to cut down the tree. After a call from us and our neighbor, they decided to waive the fine.” – Adrienne Morales Rodriguez

“I bought a new house and 3 years later got a letter stating I didn’t get approval to install screens over all my windows. I wrote a letter back kindly telling them that the house had screens already installed when we bought it 3 years ago. I didn’t receive another letter after that.” – Ron Wills   Read more: https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2020/05/31/houstons-most-outrageous-hoa-rules-according-to-kprc-2-readers/

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