FLORIDA – Venice homeowners association fines resident $2,500 over legally-protected clothesline

Venice homeowners association fines resident $2,500 over legally-protected clothesline

Article and Video Courtesy of FOX 13 News Tampa
By Photojournalist Corey Beckman
Published May 16, 2020

VENICE – Venice resident Denise Wuetcher loves the Florida sunshine, especially when it comes to drying her laundry.
“The fresh air makes the clothes smell great. It’s just a wonderful thing to do and it’s also helping the environment,” she told FOX 13 News.

In 2018, she submitted paperwork to the Verona Reserve Homeowners Association for approval to install a clothesline, which is actually protected by Florida law.

“You’re allowed to basically place a solar panel or line dryer in the place where it’s most efficient, where you can make the most use of the sun,” explained Wuetcher’s lawyer, James Potts Sr.

Wuetcher believes that place on her property is a specific spot in her backyard.

“In the morning, the sun is in that spot, but it’s not closer to the house. The other thing is, if I put it too close to the house, sheets or towels will rub up against the lanai screen and get dirty,” she said.

Per Florida law, the HOA approved the request to install the line, but then rescinded it.

The location of the clothesline — the perfect, sunny spot in Wuetcher’s backyard — is visible from the road, which the HOA does not like.

“In February of 2019, I got a violation letter saying, ‘You didn’t do what you were supposed to do. We can see it from the street. You have to move it,'” Denise recalled.

From then on, she was fined $100 a day.

Records show the fines accumulated up to the maximum allowed, $2,500.

Wuetcher filed a lawsuit against the HOA, arguing she’s not breaking a specific rule.  Read more:


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