FLORIDA – Gov. DeSantis signs bill that bans HOA restrictions on police vehicles

Gov. DeSantis signs bill that bans HOA restrictions on police vehicles
Article Courtesy of ABC Action News
By Heather Leigh
Published February 24, 2020

 CLEARWATER — Law enforcement officers in Florida are now allowed to park their work vehicles in their driveways, despite what HOA has to say about it.
 On Friday, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed S.B. 476 — the law enforcement vehicles law — which protects law enforcement officers from being told by their HOA they can’t park their work vehicles in their own driveways.

This comes after ABC Action News reported the story back in August of 2019.

Holiday Isles Management is the company that manages the HOA. They told ABC Action News in October 2019 the company can make recommendations and consult for the HOA, but they say final decisions lie with the HOA’s board.

The HOA of Eastlake Woodlands sent the Clearwater police officer and her husband a letter that threatened them with violation costs if they didn’t stop parking a marked police cruiser in their driveway.

The family told the HOA they were grandfathered in by a former board president but the HOA did not recognize that letter at first. After ABC Action News reported on the story twice, the HOA changed its tune and decided to honor the grandfather letter but told the family if they sell the house, they must inform the next owners of the HOA rules.

“My gut reaction was ‘this can’t be real, this flies in the face of common sense,’” Chris Sprowls, a House Rep. for District 65, previously told ABC Action News.

Sprowls posted about it to Facebook and linked our article saying it’s time to clarify the law. Ed Hooper, State Senator in District 60, agreed.Read more:

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