SOUTH CAROLINA – New S.C. bill could limit HOA power by eliminating foreclosures

WMBF NEWS:  New S.C. bill could limit HOA power by eliminating foreclosures

By Samantha Kummerer

November 25, 2019

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WMBF) – A bill pre-filed this month would prohibit homeowners associations in South Carolina from foreclosing on homes.

HOAs currently have the power to foreclose on a property if fees and fines go unpaid.

If passed, the bill filed by South Carolina representative Todd Rutherford, D-Richland, would strip the associations from this power.

“Real property used as a primary residence may not be sold if the action was instituted by a homeowners association attempting to collect unpaid dues, fee, or fines,” part of the proposed bill stated.

Read the full bill ]

Residents in the Ashford Estate Homeowner Association said they support this law.

“If you take the foreclosure aspect out of the HOA you’re going to alleviate a lot of problems in the state of South Carolina,” said James Hatton.

In November 2017, more than 50 liens were placed on homes in Ashford Estates. Read more:

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