NEVADA – Homeowner feels ‘singled out’ by HOA

Review  Homeowner feels ‘singled out’ by HOA

By Barbara Holland, RJ Real Estate, Vegas

October 22, 2019 

Las Vegas:  … I’m in a 135-home homeowners association community and I need help.

First was my missing front yard tree. So I planted something. Now, it’s about my trim paint. After getting the notice, I asked three other neighbors that did not have a tree if they got a notice? All three said no.

Now, I’ve got paint your trim notices. OK, I do need paint. Again, I asked two neighbors who need paint if they got a notice? Both said No!

Can an HOA target one homeowner like this? What recourse do I have that they are singling me out.

I’ve called the management company three times but have yet to hear from our manager other than letters from the company.

How does one contact the Ombudsman’s office? Can they help me? Think I’d be singled out here.  Read more:

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