NEW JERSEY – Howell Vietnam vet allowed to keep flagpole that HOA initially denied Howell Vietnam vet allowed to keep flagpole that HOA initially denied

By Joe Strupp

October 11, 2019

HOWELL – A Vietnam veteran who had been denied for months the right to install a flagpole in his front garden reached an agreement with his homeowner’s association Friday to keep the stars and stripes in place.

Mike Burtt, 72, has lived in the Equestra at Colts Neck Crossing gated community for four years. He had sought to install the flagpole in the spring, but the HOA claimed it violated rules. Watch the video at the top of this story of Burtt explaining his difficulties.

The two sides went through mediation with no deal and were possibly heading to court when the agreement was struck, according to Burtt’s attorney.

“We offered a compromise where Mr. Burtt would be allowed to install a non-permanent, staked flagpole to keep his flag hanging in his garden bed,” Attorney Jose Roman said via email Friday. “Equestra initially denied the request but has now reconsidered and will allow his flag to remain up.”  Read more:

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