TEXAS – Victim speaks after HOA dispute elevates to bullet wounds

nbcdfw.com: Victim speaks after HOA dispute elevates to bullet wounds

By Ken Kalthoff

August 14, 2019

A woman recovering from gunshot wounds after a shooting that involved her neighbor spoke publicly Wednesday about the suspect and accusations that she has been harassing residents in her neighborhood.Belinda Tucker, who was shot Aug. 4, lives directly across the street from Kenneth Haggarty, the man accused of in the shooting, in the Pleasant Run Estates subdivision in Lancaster.Tucker took pictures from her car on Aug. 4. when she said Haggarty first blocked her from entering their neighborhood with his car, and then got out with a gun and started to shoot at her.”I knew he was going to shoot me in the head, and I put my arm up and he shot me right in my hand,” Tucker said.Tucker sustained wounds to her hand, arm and head.

“I thought he had killed my wife,” Tucker’s husband Anthony Tucker said.

Through their living room window, Anthony Tucker said he could see what was happening, so he ran outside with his gun.

“He started to shoot at me and when he started shooting at me, I started shooting at him,” Anthony Tucker said. “I was amazed. I had avoided him at all costs.”

Through her property management firm, Belinda Tucker has done work for the Pleasant Run Estates Homeowners Association. Anthony Tucker is the HOA president.

Haggarty’s lawyer Heath Harris called it a conflict of interest.  Read more: https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Victim-Speaks-After-HOA-Dispute-Elevates-to-Bullet-Wounds-542979761.html?_osource=mobilesharebar

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