FLORIDA – Unfinished business: Incomplete homes in community west of Boynton rile residents, plummet values

Article Courtesy of  The Palm Beach Post
By Mike Diamond
Published June 21, 2019

  John and Lisa Glennon fell in love with The Estates of Boynton Waters.

The location near the Jog Road and Boynton Beach Boulevard intersection west of Boynton Beach was ideal. Their home was customized, which most builders of developments won’t do. There was no golf course to maintain. The amenities — two tennis courts, a clubhouse, a gym — were appealing. So they bought a house in October of 2006 from builder John Kennelly for $790,492. 

Big mistake, they say.

That’s because Kennelly has left 22 homes out of 130-plus in various stages of completion the past 10 years. Some have no roofs; others have no doors or garages. And still others are nearly finished but no effort has been made to obtain a certificate of occupancy (CO) for them.

Five homes without a roof are so unsafe the county at this point is looking for a contractor to demolish them. If it receives “responsive” bids on June 20, it expects the demolitions to begin around August 1 but residents say they’ll believe it when they see it.

The demolitions were supposed to take place in 2016 but County Building Department Director Doug Wise, over the objections of homeowners, gave Kennelly a two-year extension to obtain COs. That was supposed to happen by May 11, 2018. It didn’t and, as a result, the county authorized Wise to take the homes down.

“We cannot understand why county government has ignored us for so long,” said Hess, who claims residents first began complaining to the county in 2009.

 Wise sympathizes with the residents. The county hired him in 2013 and he says he became aware of issues in 2015. He said it is a very time-consuming process to get the necessary approvals and permits to demolish structures.  Read more:

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