FLORIDA – Condo Adopts Gag Rule To Block You Tube Videos

Condo Adopts Gag Rule To Block YouTube Videos
Article Courtesy of  The Key News
By Tony Winton 
Published June 12, 2019

 Residents of Key Biscayne’s largest condominium complex now face fines and other penalties if they videotape board meetings of their own association and then post them to YouTube, part of sweeping new rules adopted at the urging of Key Colony President Antonio Camejo. Other rules make it more difficult to request condominium records and impose strict time limits for owner participation.
  A condominium law expert and an owner’s rights activist questioned the video rule, saying publication bans in Florida do not appear to have ever been tested in court.

Condominiums have a “wide berth” to make reasonable rules, said Dana Goldman, a condominium law attorney and also a member of the Sunny Isles Beach City Commission. Goldman has been conducting a series of seminars in Miami-Dade County to educate condo residents about their rights, but sees Key Colony’s rule as breaking new ground.

“I think the rule is a little restrictive,” she said.

But, she said could not opine about how a court would rule. “It’s a clash of the policy interest of the board versus a First Amendment right to publish,” she said.

Jan Bergemann, who heads the property rights advocacy group Cyber Citizens For Justice, blasted the Key Colony rule. “These are dictatorial board members who don’t want the public to see the underhanded measures they are using,” he said. 

He predicted the rules would prove unenforceable.  Read more:


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