FLORIDA – Homeowners’ Associations – Super Scam

Homeowners’ Associations – Super Scam

A Documentary by Christine Marfut

An Opinion By Jan Bergemann 
President, Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc.
Published April 20, 2019

In a well-researched documentary Christine Marfut tells her story and the sad stories of homeowners who fell for the lie of “EASY LIVING” and bought property in a mandatory homeowners’ association — a scam a Texas lawyer calls a crime syndicate.In her documentary she interviewed Bill Colianni, the author of the book “Democracy or Dictatorship” and Jan Bergemann, President of CCFJ, Inc., Florida’s largest advocy group for homeowners’ rights.

Many video clips show the abuse of power of these unregulated associations. Families are losing their homes due to outrageous fines and assessments that make very little sense but are difficult to fight because many homeowners just don’t have the money to hire expensive lawyers while the HOA is paying their lawyers from the homeowners’ maintenance fees. In all reality: Homeowners are paying for their own demise.

The documentary tells as well the story of Deep Creek Section 23 HOA in Charlotte County, a HOA that made headlines because of the many lawsuits filed. The Charlotte Sun even published a political cartoon, showing a drop box in front of the Charlotte County Courthouse just to drop all these lawsuits. Funny — but in reality very sad!

It’s a long documentary — but definitely worthwhile watching!  Read:


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