FLORIDA – Residents clash with homeowners association over $133K paint job

CCFJ.NET:  Residents clash with homeowners association

over $133K paint job
Article Courtesy of Channel 7 News – Miami
By Patrick Fraser
Published January 24, 2019
Residents are battling their association for an assessment they don’t want and some can’t
afford – like the government worker furloughed by the partial shutdown.  Can the majority 
of residents stop their board?  There are ways, as we see in tonight’s Help Me Howard
with Patrick Fraser.
When the government started furloughing employees, federal workers like Susan Graziano
feared what she would face without a paycheck.
Susan Graziano: “Paying my mortgage, paying electric, food for my family. I’m going to have
to call my creditors and tell them, ‘Hey, I don’t have the money.'”
But instead of her expenses decreasing, Susan’s are increasing because of her association.
Susan Graziano: “They are now assessing us $133,000 worth of painting.”
Michelle Hull: “People are angry. They’re very upset.”
Upset because to pay for that $133,000 paint job, homeowners like Susan and Michelle
say they were told they have to pay a special $245-a-month assessment for the next
12 months – on top of their regular $300-a-month association fee.
Susan Graziano: “And now, with this shutdown and people not expecting paychecks, it’s
not good.”
Homeowners went to the board meeting to try to stop the painting, since it’s cosmetic and
doesn’t have to be done now.
Susan Graziano: It’s the board members who make the decisions.  They’ve shut us down. 
They’ve told us they don’t want to hear from us.”
Michelle Hull: “They are nightmares.  It’s a nightmare.”
The homeowners then put together a petition signed by more than half the residents
trying to stop the board from nearly doubling their association fee at this time.
Michelle Hull: “And still didn’t listen, and they still went ahead with the assessment.”
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