FLORIDA – Villages couple appalled at classification of American flag as non-compliant “lawn ornament”

CCFJ.NET:  Villages couple appalled at classification of American flag as 

non-compliant  “lawn ornament”

Article Courtesy of The Villages News
By Meta Minton
Published October 13 , 2018


A Village of Hemingway couple is fighting to keep an American flag on display at their home.

Joseph and Margaret Ganci, of 1172 Jebber Loop, pleaded their case Thursday morning before the 

Community Development District 7 Board of Supervisors.

The couple moved to The Villages eight and a half years ago and found it to be “a wonderful place.”

Until Sept. 13, when they got the dreaded knock on the door, informing them their home was not in compliance.

An anonymous complaint was received Sept. 12 about three flags planted in the ground at the Gancis’ home.

They were a flower flag, a Blue Lives Matter flag and an American flag. There were also statues on display.

Two of the flags have been removed, the statues are down, but the American flag is still on display.

Technically, the flag – in this type of display – is classified as a “lawn ornament” in The Villages.

“How incredulous to call the American flag a ‘lawn ornament,’” said Margaret Ganci.

The American flag on display is changed every two months and a light shines on it at night, she said.

She also took a swipe at the anonymous complaint process.

“Who is ‘anonymous’ and where is that person hiding?” Ganci asked.  Read more:


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