NORTH CAROLINA – Concord HOA admits residents’ cars shouldn’t have been towed

WSOCTV.COM:  Concord HOA admits residents’ cars shouldn’t have been towed
By Greg Suskin
August 20, 2018

CONCORD, N.C. – Residents at Moss Creek Townhomes in Concord couldn’t believe it when they walked outside Friday and saw their vehicles had been removed. At least eight cars were towed after the homeowners association began enforcing parking rules put in place earlier this year.

No one was given any warning about vehicles being towed in front of their homes. HOA rules require that type of notice must be given to residents.

Tracy Amica ran outside panicked after her husband called for her.

“He was going out to, actually, get a haircut and noticed that his car was gone,” she said.

Monica Smith had just gotten home and saw the tow trucks in the neighborhood.  She parked and went inside her home.

“Not even five minutes later, I come outside to go get dinner with my 7-year-old and my truck is gone,” she said.

According to the HOA, the cars were towed because they didn’t have a neighborhood hanging tag. Parking at moss creek is at a premium. Vehicles are only allowed in the driveway and must have a hanging tag to park on the street.

Karen McDonald with Fort Mill-based property management company Kuester said it is not a new issue. Read more:

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