ARIZONA – Richards: Challenging the status quo of HOAs

QUEEN CREEK INDEPENDENT: Richards: Challenging the status quo of HOAs
By David Richards
May 13, 2018

HOAs. The status quo should no longer be acceptable. When HOA boards use their power to unfairly seize control of all the playing cards, homeowners don’t stand a chance. Are you willing to help bring back balance and fair play?

My name is David Richards. I am a 71-year-old disabled  veteran who served his country when called upon. I was awarded a Purple Heart while serving in Vietnam. I was fighting to uphold the Constitution, to ensure freedom and equality. I am looking for some people willing to challenge the status quo of HOAs.

HOA general background information

HOA boards of trustees are unpaid, volunteer residents who are elected by the homeowners to oversee the finances and the management of the community. Sounds very democratic. But HOA boards of trustees have been given way too much power and have expanded their powers while in office by amending rules and practices on their own. They are not monitored like other corporations or companies where the government has put in place controls to protect the public. Would it not be fair to do the same when it comes HOAs?  Read more:

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