TEXAS – Homeowner accuses homeowners association of violating his religious beliefs

Fox26Houston: Homeowner accuses homeowners association of violating his religious beliefs
By Randy Wallace
April 23, 2018

“This is our religious belief,” said Edward Hartnett.

On Easter Sunday, Hartnett put two crosses that say “he is risen” on his front yard.

Hartnett’s plan is to keep them displayed for 40 days.  “He walked this earth for 40 days before he ascended into Heaven to his father, our father,” Hartnett said. 

But Hartnett’s homeowners association wants the crosses to be gone now.

In a letter to Hartnett, the Anderson Woods Community Association points out the crosses violate a deed restriction that states no signs except for ones that state for sale or rent.

The HOA letter asking Hartnett to remove the crosses was not due to complaints. It follows an inspection of

the community.

Hartnett says for five years he’s put up the crosses with nothing said.

But in 2013, he battled with the HOA over these crosses.

“We made our point clear in 2013 they backed off,” Hartnett said.

In an email to FOX 26 Douglas Palmer the HOA president points out the letter was to open up a dialogue with Hartnett. There are no fines, penalties or legal action at this point.

Palmer questions why Hartnett didn’t write to the board or attend Monday night’s HOA meeting.

Hartnett says he’s not going to respond to the HOA until he discusses it with his attorney.  Palmer says the board will review the infraction and says several years ago Hartnett was told the crosses with no writing were perfectly acceptable.  Read:

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