OHIO – Franklin veteran fighting HOA to keep flag outside his home

FOX19 NOW:  Franklin veteran fighting HOA to keep flag outside his home
By Amber Jayanth, Reporter
April 2, 2018

A Franklin veteran feels his patriotism is under attack after his homeowner’s association asked him to take down the flag in front of his home.

Wayne Marchant feels a sense of pride every time he walks past the American flag.

“I feel good about it,” said Marchant.

On Friday, though, he says he was disgusted when he got a letter in the mail from the Manager of the Renaissance Homeowner’s Association stating that the flagpole is a violation of the community rules.

“They have HOA members that periodically drive through the neighborhood looking for anything that might be a violation of the HOA rules. They noticed that in their words ‘the flagpole had been erected in our front yard,'” said Marchant.

The letter says the flagpole needs to be removed or modified. He’s not sure what the modification would be, but he says this flag has been outside of his home for the past eight years. It was a gift from his wife.

He says this new rule isn’t just about him but the entire community.

“I feel like its an attack on everybody’s patriotism, the love of their country,” said Marchant.

Before the flag was put in place his wife says she got permission from the Homeowner’s Association. However, in the past few years, the board members of the association have changed and the person who approved it is no longer there.  Read more:

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