TEXAS – The Vision for the POA

The Island Moon: The Vision for the POA
By Marvin Jones
March 10, 2018
Padre Island – On Saturday, March 10, 2018, a page was turned in the book of history for the Island. Three new 1st time Board Members were elected to represent the POA members. The voters spoke out demanding a new direction for their POA. I am honored and humbled to have been elected by the Board as President. Where do we go from here??
1. Inclusion-Members of the POA Community will be included in the decision-making process. The new direction of the POA, we will have opportunities for all to be heard and participate. There will be town halls, interactive informational meetings, committees, roundtables, and social events to mix and mingle.
2. Transparency- POA Board Meetings, committee meetings, and other official functions will be open to members unless prohibited by law. Financial information regarding the operation of the POA will be available to all unless prohibited by law.
3. Your Money- Competitive bidding, shopping, negotiation, and common sense will be the hallmark of protecting your money.
4. Restructuring-The business office practices and procedures will be studied, reviewed, and if need be improved to provide efficient and economical best business practices.
5. Communication-The communication with members will receive an immediate upgrade. The goal is to communicate any and all information to the point members may get tired of hearing from the POA.
6. Accountability-Members must hold their Board accountable. Your Board works for you! In six months, I will provide a report card to be graded on the 7 points mentioned here.
7. Civility & Respect- The election cycle is over. I ask islanders to be civil and respectful to one and all. How about we go to the beach, we go fishing, and we lay back in the no tie zone!  Read:

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