ARIZONA – Attorney to summit. Ruling makes it tougher for HOAs to levy fines

WRANGLER NEWS:  Attorney to summit.  Ruling makes it tougher for HOAs to levy fines
By Joyce Coronel
March 12, 2018

Homeowners with unkempt front yards just caught a bit of a reprieve from the Arizona Court of Appeals. A recent decision by the court makes it more difficult for homeowners associations to levy fines.

Beth Mulcahy, an attorney whose practice is centered on representing community associations, explained the impact of the ruling to attendees at a recent HOA summit held by the city of Chandler.

The workshop draws residents who serve on HOA boards as well as many who do not. Chandler Mayor Jay Tibshraeny, alongside Chandler City Council members and Police Chief Sean Duggan, were on hand and addressed the crowd.

The typical complaint HOAs deal with is the neighbor who allows weeds to proliferate in the front yard. “In the past, what associations would do is first reach out to the owner. If that didn’t work they would levy fines,” Mulcahy said.

That has changed in recent months.

“It’s become more and more difficult for associations to levy fines for violations. This case almost puts it on the brink of making it impossible.”  Read more:

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