CALIFORNIA – HOA Homefront: – Why can’t they observe?

The San Diego Union-Tribune:  HOA Homefront:- Why can’t they observe?



By Kelly G. Richardson

February 3, 2018



Q: I am a new board member. The present board does almost everything in executive session. Then the president makes short announcements at the open board meeting [as to what were the decisions]. When questioned, the president responds that information in executive session is confidential. I have spoken out that these items need to be agendized, discussed and voted on in open meetings. The board has now decided to investigate me for violation of confidential information in executive session because I have related at open meetings that the announcements of actions in executive session should have been agendized and voted on in open meetings.

Please help. I will shut up if I am wrong. D.A., Palm Desert

A: No need to shut up if you’re right … and you are right. The Davis-Stirling Act at Civil Code 4935 lists the only matters that can be handled in closed session.  Read more:


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