INDIANA – Granger homeowner, HOA at odds over backyard ice rink

WNDU:  Granger homeowner, HOA at odds over backyard ice rink
By Terry McFadden
December 29, 2017
GRANGER, Ind. (WNDU) – There’s a cold war of sorts going on in one Granger neighborhood. 

Dave Gingerich is battling the homeowner’s association in the Copperfield subdivision. At issue — the ice rink in his backyard.

Gingeirch is from Canada, and said he’s always wanted to give back to his kids and open up a rink to the community. So, he and some other neighbors built the rink, and they had hoped to get the blessings of the homeowner’s association.

“We had provided them a picture of it and given them specific dimensions of what it was going to be to open up a discussion that if it going to be accepted as it is, what modifications do you require and they verbally came back and said it was rejected and didn’t have any discussion whatsoever,” Gingerich said. Read more:

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