TEXAS – Neighborhood Friend: HOA president desires to keep neighborhood a great place

CarrolltonLeader:  Neighborhood Friend: HOA president desires to keep neighborhood a great place
 … volunteers save them untold management fees. 
Staff Report
October 24, 2017

It’s hard when people don’t follow the rules, but Oak Creek Estates Homeowner’s Association board president Ulyesses Wright takes it with grace. Wright is an active community member, focusing on keeping Oak Creek a pleasant neighborhood to live in. He’s active in his church, boy scouts and Hebron High School. A long time Carrollton resident, Wright knows how to connect with the community and neighbors.

1. What do you love about the Carrollton Community?

It is a small city, but it has everything you need. The location makes it easy to get to Dallas, Fort Worth, and a lot of places in North Texas/Oklahoma that I visit. It’s a nice, down-to-earth community to raise a family.

2. How long have you lived in Carrollton?

I have lived in the Dallas area since 1980, but I’ve lived in Carrollton for 25 years.

3. You’ve been active in the community in several different ways. What’s one of your favorite things to volunteer for?

I have volunteered in my neighborhood, at my church, for Boy Scouts, and at school. Most recently, my main focus is my neighborhood HOA as President and with Hebron booster clubs for football and basketball. I am in charge of Hebron football concessions, so you’ll see me there during home football games for middle school and high school.

4. Why is the HOA important to you?

An HOA was created by the developer. We are a mandatory HOA development. My home was one of the very first ones built in the neighborhood, and I want to make sure the neighborhood stays desirable and a great place for all the residents. I’m lucky to have great neighbors.

5. What’s the most challenging part of being president of a HOA?

For me, the most challenging part is just the few homes that won’t follow the basic rules to keep the neighborhood in good shape. When people move into our neighborhood, they know it’s a mandatory HOA neighborhood, but some do things without checking the bylaws. The board members are required by our restrictions, covenants and bylaws to enforce the rules, but I hate having to confront a neighbor. There’s always hurt feelings, and it’s not personal. We work with people that need a little bit of time to correct a violation. Our budget is tight. I think quite a few of our neighbors don’t realize what a value they get by us self-managing, as volunteers save them untold management fees. Our fees are a fraction of comparable mandatory HOA communities around the North Texas area.  Read more:


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