ARIZONA – Illuminating the murky business of Phoenix-area HOA foreclosures Illuminating the murky business of Phoenix-area HOA foreclosures
Catherine Reagor, The Republic
September 17, 2017

Ask anyone living in a neighborhood managed by an HOA, and you will likely hear a rant.

It could be about anything from fights over paint colors to parking or garbage cans.

HOAs are one of the most controversial topics I have covered during my 22-year tenure as a real-estate reporter in metro Phoenix.

Half of all Valley homeowners live in a community association; many people have strong opinions about them.

I hadn’t delved deeply into the world of HOAs before this year because many of the issues were community stories.

But last year, complaints against HOAs in the Phoenix area ratcheted up. I started hearing from homeowners with HOA issues almost daily.

 Arizona Republic community reporter Jessica Boehm has written many stories about HOA battles in the West and East Valley, and she quickly became an expert.

Late last year, Boehm began to hear about homeowners losing houses to HOAs through foreclosure, something most people don’t realize is legal.  Read more:

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