ARIZONA – Homeowner attorney raises concerns over increase in HOA foreclosures  Homeowner attorney raises concerns over increase in HOA foreclosures
By Jason Barry
September 14, 2017

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – Dina Reimer is like a lot of Valley homeowners living in an HOA community.

She knows she can be cited for faded paint, or not keeping the front yard clean, but the Phoenix mom had no idea her HOA could foreclose on her house,  if she falls behind on her monthly dues.

“That definitely seems extreme,” said Reimer. “I didn’t even know about that. I wasn’t aware. As far as I’m concerned, it says if you’re two weeks late you owe 15 more dollars.”

Attorney Jonathan Dessaules represents several clients on the verge of losing their homes. He said the number of HOA foreclosures is on the rise, with many homeowners having no idea it was even possible.

“Once the HOA starts the foreclosure process it is a train going 90 mph,” said Dessaules. “The only way it can stop is if a homeowner accurately guesses how much a court will award in attorney fees.”  Read more:

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