TEXAS – My Life Ruined by HOA

bluestar-ranch.com:  My Life Ruined by HOA

by Mary Ann Fordyce
July 2017
http://www.bluestar-ranch.com/chickens—hoa.html Did you know that Homeowner Associations make their own rules and change them as they go along? Did you know that there are NO RULES governing the powers nor limiting the lawsuits you can be assaulted with based on a “whim” of someone that does not like you? Did you know that HOAs can foreclose on your home for a minor infraction?
Did you know that a small HOA in Bellville Texas with 4 “board members” (2 married couples 2 of which are my neighbors) spent over $100,000 and hired 8 law firms, which used 13 attorneys in EIGHT YEARS to shut down my country chicken coop? This directly and indirectly cost me a foreclosure on my home!  See vimeo:

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