TEXAS – 28 suits filed against La Bota Ranch homeowners over unpaid HOA dues

LMTonline:  28 suits filed against La Bota Ranch homeowners over unpaid HOA dues

By Julia Wallace

August 7, 2017


Since May 11, the two homeowners associations of La Bota Ranch have filed 28 lawsuits against homeowners who have not paid their HOA dues, threatening to foreclose on their homes if the dues are not paid.

Hearings for six of these cases were scheduled for Monday, but neither HOA board members nor their attorney showed up for court, according to records.

The HOAs’ attorney declined a request for comment.

The La Bota Ranch Owners Association Inc. is requesting from homeowners the amount of the unpaid dues, which vary by case, plus associated administrative costs, late fees, interest charges and attorney fees.

In one case, a defendant had not paid HOA dues since 2013 — she is being sued for $9,258.34. In most of the cases the homeowners had not paid dues for about two to three years, according to court records. The average suit is asking for roughly $3,000 to $5,000.  Read more:


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