INDIANA – Homeowners say state can’t do enough about HOAs

CALL 6: Homeowners say state can’t do enough about HOAs
By Kara Kenney
July 24, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS — Some Hoosier homeowners believe the Indiana Attorney General’s office does not have enough authority to intervene when they’re having a problem with their homeowners association, or HOA.

Approximately 960,000 people in Indiana live in a neighborhood with a community association, and these residents pay $1.1 billion a year to maintain their communities, according to the Community Associations Institute.

Homeowners associations do a slew of things including setting rules for fences, and supporters say they help protect and enhance property values.

However, some Hoosiers believe the state of Indiana is not doing enough to intervene when there is a problem with an HOA.  Read more:

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