NEVADA- Homeowners Associations: The Robin Hood of Foreclosure

DSNEWS:  Homeowners Associations: The Robin Hood of Foreclosure
By Joey Pizzolato
June 7, 2017

Nevada is just one of a number of states that is experiencing losses in property sale values as a result of homeowner association foreclosures, according to a recent report by the Nevada Association of Realtors. Statutes in Nevada allow HOAs to foreclose on homeowners for not paying their association dues.

HOA liens are given the higher priority over first mortgage holders, so their debt is first, paid off and then the lender and homeowner are taken out of the equation. As a result, many people are able to get foreclosed homes at auction for a fraction of the price by paying back HOA dues compared to what homes were initially worth. Further, all remaining debt is erased, and borrowers can be stuck paying back mortgages for houses they no longer possess.

Homeowners association foreclosures are a controversial subject in Nevada. According to a report by the Nevada Department of Business and Industry, 77 percent of Nevada residents surveyed oppose HOAs ability to foreclose on homes because of unpaid dues. Eighty-two percent believe that debt to lenders should be paid before debt to HOAs. Read more:

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