FLORIDA – HOA could foreclose on home over unpainted mailbox

WTSP.COM:  HOA could foreclose on home over unpainted mailbox
By Kendra Conlon, WTSP
June 23, 2017

Tampa Bay Sarasota – Paint your mailbox, pay a $1,000 fine or we’ll foreclose on your house.

That’s the message a Wesley Chapel homeowners’ association is sending to homeowner Joe DeVirde.

The problem is DiVerde says he didn’t get the notice, until it was too late.  Now, an address mix-up and some chipping paint could cost him his home.

“Basically what this comes down to is my mailbox,” says DiVerde.  Diverde never imagined his mailbox could cause so many problems.

“It’s pretty insane. It’s unreal,” says DiVerde.

Associa, the property management company for Seven Oaks subdivision, believed his mailbox needed painting and sent out a warning notice last August.

It would’ve been an easy fix, but the letter went to DiVerde’s ex-girlfriend, who hasn’t lived there in years.  Read more:

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