FLORIDA – ‘Super nice guy’ accused of HOA fraud

CCFJ.NET:  ‘Super nice guy’ accused of HOA fraud

Article Courtesy of The News-Press

By Melanie Payne

Published December 13, 2016

When an anonymous caller told me Joshua C. Hall, the former general manager at Herons Glen Golf and Country Club, was caught embezzling money, I thought it was old news.

“Didn’t that happen a few years ago?” I asked. It turns out I was recalling another North Fort Myers homeowners’ association, Sabal Springs.

Thinking there was no way this could be happening that often, I googled “homeowners’ association embezzlement.” Man, was I wrong. Financial crimes at condo and homeowners’ associations are so prevalent, there are websites dedicated to HOA fraud.

Herons Glen’s problem was discovered early in the summer and a special meeting of the Herons Glen Recreation District was held on July 6. According to the minutes, “some financial discrepancies were found and based on those findings, Josh Hall decided to resign the position of General Manager…District Counsel (Tom) Hart has a letter from Mr. Hall admitting his guilt in defrauding the District of funds. At this time, the total amount of the fraud is not known, but it is a significant amount.”

According to the board, Hall admitted to taking money, beginning in September 2015. He promised to pay it back by cashing in a 401(k) and selling some real estate.  Subsequent minutes stated he had made partial restitution.  Read more:

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