FLORIDA – Man Concerned About Parking Citation Issued by HOA

CCFJ.NET:  Man Concerned About Parking Citation Issued by HOA

Article Courtesy of MyPanhandle.com

By Maggie Solomon

Published December 1, 2016

WALTON COUNTY –– A Southport man is concerned about a parking ticket he found on his vehicle during a recent

visit to South Walton.

“When you look at the wording, they try to word it in a way to make it look like it was issued by the Walton County

Sheriff’s Office,” said Brandon Waldrip. “And, in fact it wasn’t.”

Waldrip said there were no signs warning him public parking was not allowed on Grayton Street in Seaside. He said it’s not the cost that concerns him but who issued the citation in the first place. On the ticket, it says it’s issued by the Seaside Town Council. The Council is the management administration for some homeowners within Seaside. 

“This is something that Seaside issues themselves,” said Corey Dobridnia, the Public Affairs Coordinator with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office. 

According to the Sheriff’s Office, they rarely issue parking violations. Because the tickets aren’t coming from the department, it has no impact on the recipient’s driving records.  Read more:

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