TEXAS – Schertz neighborhood threatens lawsuit against developer over high HOA fees

San Antonio Express-News:  Schertz neighborhood threatens lawsuit against developer over high HOA fees
By Richard Webner
November 18, 2016
Residents of a neighborhood in Schertz are threatening to sue local developer Chris Price, who they say has hoarded control of their homeowners association, hiked their annual fees and used the proceeds to build another master-planned community. In the past two years, annual homeowners fees have almost doubled, to $540 from $275, at Sedona, a modest neighborhood of 169 homes that’s mostly quiet except for the occasional roar of a jet from nearby Joint Base San Antonio Randolph.
Residents don’t see where the money has gone — their drainage ditches are inadequate, causing streets and backyards to flood during storms, they say. A small park is poorly maintained, with rocks tumbling off a water fountain that hasn’t worked for years.The residents, many of whom are elderly or exmilitary,
say the higher fees have hurt their property values and caused them to cut back on groceries and visits to their grandchildren. “I’m having to actually take money every paycheck to make sure I have money to pay my HOA, which is not what I expected to do,” said Patty Cullum, who has lived in Sedona since it opened in 2009. “I don’t understand why that’s happening. Show me why I have to pay all this.”
Price, a 30year veteran of the real estate industry who has developed masterplanned
communities in Austin and El Paso, said in an emailed statement that his company recently hired a new management company for the homeowners association and has asked it to be more transparent with residents. “We are committed to creating a harmonious masterplanned community that is inclusive of our neighbors,” Price said in the statement. “We have worked together with Sedona for many years to integrate their established community with a vision for a larger, connected neighborhood.”
Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, a nonprofit that offers legal services to homeowners, has accused Price and his partners of breaking state HOA laws. The nonprofit sent a letter to Price’s attorney this week offering to open negotiations for a settlement, according to Legal Aid attorney Molly Rogers.
The residents want control of the HOA, a reduction in their fees, a limit on future increases and the return of some of their previous payments. If the negotiations fail, Legal Aid plans to help the residents take Price to court. Read more:


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