TEXAS – Texas court upholds ruling against short-term rentals

Houston Chronicle: Texas court upholds ruling against short-term rentals
…opinion …conflicts with the ruling of a similar case in Austin…
By Nancy Sarnoff
November 17, 2016
Thinking about leasing your home during Super Bowl LI? You might want to check your neighborhood’s deed restrictions first.

This week, an appeals court in San Antonio ruled in favor of a homeowners association that argued a homeowner was violating deed restrictions by renting out his house for short-term stays.

The judge’s opinion, which conflicts with the ruling of a similar case in Austin, puts the legality of residential rentals of all sorts into question, said J. Patrick Sutton, the Austin-based attorney who argued for the homeowners in both cases.

In the San Antonio case, Kenneth Tarr began renting out his house after his employer transferred him to Houston in 2014. He advertised it online and rented it 31 times that year, according to a court document.

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