WASHINGTON – Homeowners call HOA fines and penalties excessive

King5.com:  Homeowners call HOA fines and penalties excessive
Lawmakers in Olympia have heard complaints about community associations for years and done nothing.
By Danielle Leigh
November 4, 2016
Owning a home is supposed to equal freedom and security, but many of the more than two million homeowners living in community associations in Washington complain they’ve lost both of those values at the hands of their association boards.

KING5 began looking at the state laws governing community associations for condos, homes, and co-ops after receiving repeated complaints from owners about the association rules and penalties.
“I have no sanctuary,” said Raelene Schifano, a homeowner in Kent, who’s husband was threatened with a smoking violation.
The only problem was that the Schifanos were out of state on the date the violation supposedly happened.
“We can prove that we were in Utah and they won’t even look at the evidence,” Schifano said.
KING5 and an attorney helped Schifano prove she was in fact out of state and after several months, the board ultimately dropped the fine.  Read more:

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