FLORIDA – Logic goes out window when association trashes flowers?

CCFJ.NET:  Logic goes out window when association trashes flowers?

Article Courtesy of The TC Palm

By Laurence Reisman

Published September 23, 2016

Steve Glaser HAD the nicest yard in his neighborhood. His Realtor even said so.

“You had the nicest landscaped property in Bradford Place with amazing curb appeal,” Jill Arsenault wrote Glaser. “How did you go from the nicest home in the community to what it is today? We certainly need to lower your asking price.”

What happened had nothing to do with excessive summer rain, fire or armadillos. Landscapers hired by Glaser’s homeowners association yanked out marigolds, impatiens, begonias and more — including staghorn ferns, gifts from his father. Glaser said he got wind of the destruction only after he heard his dogs barking at the crowd outside.

“I went from the nicest property to the worst,” said Glaser, 60, a longtime professional photographer who moved to the gated community of attached homes off Oslo Road, Vero Beach, in January 2014. He’d brought with him numerous flowers and plants from his Broward County home. Combined with other plants he bought locally, about $4,000 worth of landscaping was removed and dumped.  Read more:

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