NEVADA – HOAs, foreclosures and property rights

Las Vegas Review Journal: HOAs, foreclosures and property rights
September 17, 2016
By Nona Tobin

Your Sunday editorial, “Super liens: What about property rights?” really missed the mark. It was easy for you to make the same mistake the courts are making because that’s how the big money players have set the stage. The banks, the debt collection companies and the vulture investors have framed the issue in the courts to focus on super-priority details so they can completely obfuscate how they have been victimizing both the homeowners and the HOAs.

Your editorial opined: “But the bank sued, arguing convincingly that the HOA has no right to confiscate its asset.” The bank’s asset? Really? What about the homeowner? The house isn’t the bank’s asset. It belongs to the homeowner, who is the equitable title holder, until there is a legal foreclosure.

It might surprise you that many of these houses that went to HOA foreclosure sales were houses that the banks couldn’t foreclose on because they couldn’t meet the standard of Nevada’s 2011 robo-signing law designed to prevent foreclosure fraud caused by banks recording false affidavits about who actually owned the debt.

It might also surprise you to know that the property rights of the homeowners who lost their houses to HOA foreclosures were violated when their homes were taken without due process.

It might also surprise you to know that the debt collectors are often the same companies that manage the HOAs and have set up a self-serving system whereby the HOA board decides to foreclose without notifying the homeowner or giving him a chance to have an open hearing. Then, once the HOA sale is going to happen and the bank and the homeowner haven’t been told when, the debt collection company sells it and keeps all the excess proceeds after giving the HOA the legal minimum of nine months back dues.

Lot of property rights violated before you even get to the banks, I’d say. Read:

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